The Sheridan Corporation was founded in 1961 and provides consulting structural engineering services.

With considerable experience in the design of marine, industrial, educational, and institutional facilities, including piers, railroads, and buildings for the Federal, State, County, and City governments as well as the private sector, The Sheridan Corporation has completed over eleven hundred projects.

Some areas where The Sheridan Corporation has been of assistance to our clients on past projects, both for new construction and renovations, include the following:


The Sheridan Corporation has provided pier inspections both above and underwater, structural analysis of existing piers, design of subsequent structural renovations/modifications/upgrading, and the design of new piers and pier fender systems as well as small boat marinas.


The Sheridan Corporation has provided structural design of new buildings, structural condition inspections of existing buildings, structural analysis of existing buildings, and design of structural renovations and upgrading.  We have provided structural engineering seismic analysis and study reports of existing buildings. As part of teams of architects and other consulting engineering firms The Sheridan Corporation has provided structural engineering services on all types of buildings.  We have also provided tank foundation designs, warehouse and shop building designs and related structural engineering studies and reports.


The Sheridan Corporation has provided designs for railway spur lines and crane tracks, including designs for new construction and upgrades of existing facilities. We have provided railway bridge and trestle inspection, both above and underwater, structural analysis of bridges for load capacity rating and certification, and design of repairs and upgrading.